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Waxing studio

Unlock Your Smooth, Hairless Self!

Schedule your Wax Today with Us

From body waxing, to lash tints and eye brow tints, we have you covered from head to toe!

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The Waxing Studio

NOW ladies & Men both can enjoy a pain-free Brazilian Wax! We only use the highest quality hard wax. You will receive professional services from our cautious and thoughtful technicians. Sit back and enjoy our hygienic waxing studio.

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To wax OR noT  T'o wax?

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Tips on staying smooth this summer

NOW that pool dates are happening on a regular basis so we to need keep the unwanted body hair at bay is rising rapidly, So what's the best solution for summer hair removal. WAXING


Removes hair from the root giving you 2-3 weeks of smooth sailing.

Hair tends to grow back thinner.

No -shaving bumps" especially in the bikini area.


In order to wax. you have to grow your hair out a bit. which could pose as a problem if your waxing appointment is on Tuesday and the big pool party is on Monday.

There is slight pain involved.

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We love what we do and love taking care of you.

Our aim is to not only to provide the waxing services but to alleviate the anxiety and discomfort often associated with the procedure especially for pregnant woman
Our Services are for everyone & anyone old or young or

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