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Waxing studio

Unlock Your Smooth, Hairless Self!

Schedule your Wax Today with Us

From body waxing, to lash tints and eye brow tints, we have you covered from head to toe!

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Body Waxing

Your razor & stubble days are behind you now. Sure, hair removal can be tricky—especially if it’s a part of your body that’s hard to reach—but the Wax Specialists at Waxing studio totally have your back. (Or chest. Or neck. Or legs…)

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Reasons You’ll Love It!

No more having to contort your body to try to reach that one spot with your razor.

No more missed spots of random hairs, razor bumps, accidental nicks, or unbearable itching. Our Wax Experts will have you in + out in no time, feeling silky, confident and smoother than ever before.

Confidence in going sleeveless or in shorts / skirt

It’s a time-saver with waxing, removing hair from places with more surface area (back, legs, chest) goes a lot faster

Slower hair re-growth

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