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Waxing studio

Unlock Your Smooth, Hairless Self!

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From body waxing, to lash tints and eye brow tints, we have you covered from head to toe!

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The Time is for Brow

Your eye brows open up your face, and when done right, to provide you with perfect look! We Wax Specialists are here to help you find just the right arch, volume and shape. We provide all kinds like

☘ Square

☘ Long or Oval

☘ Heart-Shaped

☘ Round

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Eyelash & Brow Tinting

We at waxing studio provides our clients the best Brow & Eyelash Tinting services , we can help you find the right tint/shade which is perfect for your skin tone

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Eyebrow waxing vs. threading

Eyebrow threading technique uses a cotton thread to remove short rows of hair from your brow. Since threading removes each hair slowly and individually, it can be more painful and uncomfortable than waxing. Threading can also be difficult on sensitive skin, especially if you're an acne sufferer. We are trained Wax Specialists we use our exclusive Comfort Waxing techniques , which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. And with waxing, you can achieve a sharper, cleaner brow shape that lasts longer and is less painful to achieve.

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