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From body waxing, to lash tints and eye brow tints, we have you covered from head to toe!

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Facial Hair Waxing

Love it or not, facial hair's a fact of life. But we all have it, so you're in solid company!

Waxing studio offers facial waxing services for women and men. Let us help you remove, shape or groom your facial hair so that it suits that amazing face of yours.

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Reasons You'll Love Facial Waxing

Provided by the Waxing Studio

Because smooth is better

When the hair is removed at the root instead of cut from the surface, it grows back in smoothly, meaning you'll be stubble-free. Smoother skin also makes for a more flawless makeup application.

Because it won't break your bank

It's affordable! Since the face is a small surface area, less wax is needed, so it's less expensive than waxing larger parts of the body.

Because you’ll grow less hair

Think of it as training your hair. The more you wax, the less it grows over time. How great is that?

Long lasting results

You'll get about 2-3 weeks' worth of results from a facial wax—a lot longer than other removal methods.

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