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Waxing studio

Waxing for Her

We love our ladies and enjoy providing them our
smooth, silky, painless waxing experience,
tailored just for you. 

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How to prep for your wax

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Exfoliate every 2 to 3 days before your scheduled appointment

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Moisturize your skin to prevent dry skin and minimize ingrown hairs

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​Hydrate and drink plenty of water ! Staying hydrated helps the hair being removed easily (meaning less painful)

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The Time is for Eye Brow

Your eye brows open up your face  when done right, to provide you with perfect look! We Wax Specialists are here to help you find just the right arch, volume and shape suited to your style.

☘ Square

☘ Long or Oval

☘ Heart-Shaped

☘ Round

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Body Waxing

Your razor & stubble days are behind you now. Sure, hair removal can be tricky—especially if it’s a part of your body that’s hard to reach—but the Wax Specialists at Waxing studio totally have your back. (Or chest. Or neck. Or legs…)

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Bikini and Brazilian Wax

We provide  the following services for our bikinis
☘ bikini

☘ bikini Hi line
☘ Full Brazilian


Unwanted Hair Removal Solution at Waxing Studio

Affordable,  Luxurious and Experienced

Premium Waxing service

An original pioneer of waxing studio in Boston, MA with our latest & unique techniques and approach for men and women. We have devoted our minds and hearts to deliver waxing services to you in a way that can only be experienced here at WAXING STUDIO. We love what we do and love taking care of you.

Whether you are new to waxing or have gotten some other waxing services in the past, or perhaps there is a waxing experience that you are looking for, then this is the waxing spa for you. We do a lot of first-time waxers and specialize in every type of hair growth pattern.

If you know what you are looking for then The WAXING STUDIO is the right place for you

We invite you to come in and get waxed in a clean and relaxing environment of WAXING STUDIO.

We will wax anywhere and everywhere for both men and women. The best Brazilian waxing, back waxing, the famous BSC (butt, sac, and crack wax) and the popular Hollywood wax for the females, the choice is yours

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